Enemies of the Duck

What does „The Duck with a capital D“ mean? Well, that’s simple. It represents all the ducks. It is all the ducks, and all the ducks are that. So, when we talk about the Duck, it is as if we were speaking about ducks in general. If this is so, then who are the enemies of the Duck? For one, there are all the predators that hunt ducks but the Duck has one far worse and far more serious enemy. The human race. Yes, you heard right. We are the greatest enemies of the Duck. Just think about it for a moment. We pollute their ponds and we eat them, however, the worst atrocity is Easter. The Easter holiday revolves around eggs but not in a nice way. We use eggs as decorations, and right next to them, we paint happy cartoon ducks. It is outrageous and, to be honest, quite brutal. You may say: „But we use chicken eggs.“ Do you think it really matters? Let me tell you something; ducks don’t care about that because ducks love all creatures which show love to others. And I’d like to ask a few questions: „Can’t we be more like ducks? Can’t we detach from our outdated traditions and instead of them celebrate peace and love? Can we stop enforcing our own ways to nature and rather embrace it for what it is?“ It isn’t even that hard. We just have to look inside our hearts and unlock our inner ducks. Because once we do this, we may also become part of the Duck.