Winter is here and holidays are getting closer with each day. And with them also the preparations for Quackmas. Mama duck is decorating the pond. Little ducklings are waddling around mama duck helping her with decorations. Once they are done they wait for papa duck to bring the Quackmas tree for presents and as they wait they write the letters for Santa Quacks.

Finally, when mama duck is done helping all the ducklings with their letters they hear a joyful sound. „Merry Quackmas!“ says papa duck as he arrives with the beautiful Quackmas tree. The family gathers and starts decorating the tree as a sign that Quackmas has finally arrived. After everything is done and all the lights are hung, mama duck and papa duck send the ducklings to get ready for bed. It is important for all the little ducklings to clean their beaks so that they can see the reflection of Quackmas lights in them. It is a very treasured tradition.

With their beaks reflecting the beautiful Quackmas lights, the little ducklings go to sleep only taking the time to leave some crumbs for Santa Quacks. It is always joyful when Santa Quacks waddles through the chimney to bring presents to all the good ducklings. But be careful to put the fire out or you’ll get a fried duck instead…

The ducklings wake up with excitement, the Quackmass day is finally here. They spend their day waddling around impatiently for the evening, as mama and papa prepare the dinner. Unable to wait, they convince mama duck to take them for a swim in the pond. They swim around and play and don’t even notice that the sun is setting and it is time to return home for dinner. As they come back, everything is already prepared by papa duck so the little ducklings only need to clean themselves and be ready for dinner. Clean as snow with their beaks shining, the little ducklings with mama and papa duck sit around the Quackmas loaf and start eating dinner.

After everything has been eaten they quickly clean up the table and the ducklings get ready for the most exciting part of Quackmas, unpacking the presents. They play with their new toys until they are all exhausted. And still, the little ducklings don’t want to leave so they all fall asleep right there in the piles of wrapping paper under the tree and with their favourite presents hidden under their wings. Mama and papa duck only sigh and turn off the lights. With that, the Quackmas is over and the little ducklings are dreaming wonderful dreams about this joyful day.